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3 min readOct 11, 2021


OMG!! You won’t believe this! Building a successful freelancing career. This will shock you

Do you know that you can also make money without having a value to sell? Let me rephrase, you can make money by selling other people’s talent for them. Confused? There is one major reason I love JEFF BEZOS, the Amazon guy! Do you know what he did? He created a channel for people to sell their skills and you can also do that. Get the job, source for the right person that can do it, pay your worker, and keep the remaining money for yourself. Getting paid for just acting as the middle man😊😉.

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Freelancing is great! In fact, for some of us, it is the best thing we have but the success didn’t come overnight. Yes, I made $400 in March this year but guess how long it took me to make that amount? 2 months into my niche, GHOSTWRITING, I’m not going to lie, it was hard at first, I wanted to give up! I remember telling a friend that I just wanted one yes, and I got my one yes! It was $90 for 3000 words before I had my $400 and this isn’t the highest pay for me. I have gotten higher bids from clients. There are people I know that have been ghostwriting for years without any success! I mean, YEARSSSSSSSS!

If I had given up, it’s my loss! This is the first lesson in freelancing, keep setting up yourself the right way! Your clients are available.

Right positioning is an unspoken secret to building a successful career as a freelancer. Imagine you want to shoot a target, you need to rightly position your hands, legs, and even your head to get it. And funny thing is that you still lose your target even after that, lol! Annoying but that’s how freelancing is. It’s bigger than “I am interested in giving reviews on the book”, can you solve the problem your client wants? Trust me, Nobody wants to pay a seller to hear words like “The book is great” only. You need to tear the book apart mentally for your client to be able to know YOU ARE IT.

When I couldn’t get any client the first day, just like most people, I was sad, frustrated! I wanted to get more clients but didn’t get any, so I reposition myself! I checked my competitors, people doing better in my niche, study their success map, adjust some changes to my pattern and here we are! The English man will say, the rest is now history.

Just like my last article, there are over 100 remote skills and value you can afford. I saw a TikTok page that gives different jobs lazy people can do recently and I laughed but it’s true, there are some pages you can earn even as a lazy person (your pay might just be lower). At least, I have one, ONLINE SURVEYING. All I need to do is to pick an answer between a, b, c, d and get paid after 2mins of answering the questions. 😂

So do not tell me there isn’t anything you can do. There is something you can monetize, find that thing, or THOSE THINGS. This page ain’t for people who do not want to step out of their comfort zone. It is for the ones wanting to make freelancing a side chick or the full option. Either a side hustle or main hustle. Imagine sitting in your room, with your phone (you don’t even need a system/laptop) and making money. The dream life!!

But you need more than, “I can do it”. Are you positioning yourself the right way? How are you sourcing for your clients?

I will be sharing more hacks based on my experience and also, ways you can source for clients, find skills, and how to build a successful freelancing career.

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